Disney Stitch Candle

Disney Stitch Candle

he Disney Stitch Maison Francal scented candle is the most "Aloha spirit" of the Disney universe. Here it is again in its new 2022 decor!

The olfactory notes of the Disney Stitch scented candle with the image of this ultra-malicious hero, Sitch, have been selected to gently transport you to the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago. Its fruity and gourmet scent of mango and coconut makes it one of the most popular!

Once lit, it will make you, adults (children) or children, gently switch into the mischievous world of childhood.

With its 100% vegetable wax based on rapeseed and coconut oil, GMO-free, paraffin-free, additive-free, 100% made in France, the perfume of the Disney Stitch candle is developed in Grasse by a “Nose”.

This luxury product invites itself to your home for an average combustion of around 40 hours. When the candle is finished, there will be no more wax in the box, so you can give it a second life: jewelry box, key box, etc.


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