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Disney Candles - Donald

12 candles with 12 characters / 12 scents are available so that you can compose your own box which can contain 5 candles. Among the 10 candles on offer, you will find Ariel (iodine scent), Belle et Zip (bergamot tea scent), Tic & Tac (hazelnut scent), Stitch (mango coconut scent), Goofy (pear scent) and our essential characters from the old "Best Friends" box such as Mickey (woody fragrance and tobacco notes), Minnie (mulberry powdery musk fragrance), Pluto (orangette fragrance), Donald (cut grass fragrance) and Daisy (patchouli rose fragrance).
Everything is made in France between Grasse, Nantes and Lille and always in 100% natural wax (rapeseed & coconut).


5x D: 5.5 cm. Height: 7cm

Net weight

1.19 kg




100% rapeseed and coconut wax
100% cotton wick
Perfumes of Grasse
Black lacquered glasses
Cardboard paper from sustainably managed forests and printed with vegetable inks.
Possibility of giving a 2nd life to the glass as to the case (pencil holder, flowers etc.)


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